How PST Password Removal Tool Works

No doubt, Microsoft Outlook application is used by many computer user all around the world. It is one of the best and powerful emails client application. Now it is also available for Mac OS X because of it's popularity. As you know MS outlook application saves all data in PST folder. To keep it safe from unauthorized access outlook provides password protection option. It means that you can set password to PST file. Sometimes user forgets password which they have given to PST file. Here the need of pst password finder software takes place. This software can easily recovers password from the pst file. If you want to know how pst password removal tool works then you are at the right place. Here you will get all information on it.

How PST Password Removal Tool Works : User Guide

Step 1 : -

In first step you need to select Outlook .pst file for the recovery of password for this click on Select PST File.

Step 2 : -

If you don't know your selected path then, you can easily find your path by clicking on Find PST File option.

Step 3 : -

Then, in next step click on Start option then, it will start searching your option for finding your .pst file path.

Step 4 : -

In next step it will found 15 Microsoft Outlook Data File(s) then, click on OK button.

Step 5 : -

Then, it will show you the Total Outlook files in the following drive .

Step 6 : -

In next step it will found your particular files or folder of PST.

Step 7 : -

Then, for that particular .pst files it will find the password so, click on Find Password option.

Step 8 : -

Then, after this step it will found your 6 passwords or according to your .pst file and display on the screen so, click on OK button.

Step 9 : -

In next step it will show your related result.

Step 10 : -

Then, after recovery of your password click on the Close button.

Step 11 : -

In last step it will ask you Do you want to exist? If your option is Yes then click on OK button or whether your option is No then click on Cancel button.